Sunday, 29 November 2015

Stocking the dungeon: Grenadier Fantasy Lords series 1 116 Golems

In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created entirely from inanimate matter. The word was used to mean an amorphous, unformed material (usually out of stone and clay) in Psalms and medieval writing. 

Whilst digging through the Lead Mountain, I also came across two Grenadier golems looking glum and waiting to be painted, and thought that they would make two quick and easy additions to the dungeon stocking project. A quick Google search returned a consistent theme - golems are usually (but not always) made of clay, and that dictated the colour scheme. One was given a base coat of a dull gray linen colour to suggest base clay, whilst the other one was painted with a dull orange to suggest the other more common form of red clay. After that - a wash with Army Painter Soft Tone, and the dry brushing, which really brought up the detail of the sculpts. The final touch was to pick out the shem (one of the names of God, traditionally written on a piece of paper and inserted in the mouth or in the forehead of the golem) and the eyes with black - this gave the golems a suitably empty, soulless expression.

Again, really pleased with the way these turned out. I can see these two getting a lot of table top time as guardians for chaotic clerics.


  1. Nice. I never saw this sculpt, and wouldn't have guessed they were Grenadier. Must be from the John Dennett period.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I am 99% sure you right that they are John Dennett, but I haven't found any hard evidence yet. I'll keep looking...

  3. Hi Caliburn,

    I would like to use the image of the Julie Guthrie Skeletal Giant that you painted, as part of Iron Wind Metal's next Chaos Wars kickstarter.

    Could you please send me an email and we can discuss?

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    Jacob Fathbruckner
    Iron Wind Metals