Saturday, 2 April 2016

Grenadier Fantasy Warriors 909 Ogre Mercenary

Well, it's been a while since I posted. I could list a number of reasons, but the truth is that I have been in hibernation. However, I have been painting in that period so - a catch-up set of posts. Next out of the Lead Mountain was this beastie from Grenadier from the Fantasy Warrior range. As with a lot of the later larger Grenadier sculpts, it is quite coarse sculpting (though not as bad as some of the Asgard minis), so I tried to keep the colour scheme as simple as possible - gray for the skin, dull brown for the furs, silver for most of the armour. After that, Army Painter soft tone wash on all non-skin areas, and GW Draaken Nightshade wash on the skin, followed up by highlighting on the skin areas. The base, as always, is just fine sand painted gray and then ink washed. It's an OK job - to be honest, I had great expectations for it, but oddly enough the washes brought out the coarseness of the sculpt - but I can see it getting plenty of table top time as a general boss guardian for treasure. 

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