Sunday, 29 November 2015

Citadel Fiend Factory FF5vs2 Winged Demon (Balrog)

I haven't posted in while, not because I haven't been painting, but because the weather has been so lousy that trying to spray varnish any figure has been completely impossible. Fortunately we got one clear, dry day this week - so out came the spray varnish, and cue me making multiple posts. Next out of the Lead Mountain was this fabulous sculpt from Citadel. It really is a terrific sculpt - brooding and definitely malevolent. Just look at the scowl on that face!  The paint job was easy - a base coat of red, then GW red wash, and lots of lots of dry brushing in various shades of orange, yellow and eventually a few touches of white to suggest heat. For once the base of the figure was substantial enough to stop it falling over, so all I did was to give the base a top coating of sand and then dry brush it to suggest hot coals.  As with most of the Citadel figures, it has real personality and presence - I can imagine the majority of dungeon delvers taking one look at this and immediately going the other way. Pleased with how this turned out!


  1. Wow, looks awesome. I have two of this sculpt and painted them in opposite back/red schemes (one is black skinned and has red hair, while theo ther is red-skinned with black hair). If I'd seen this I probably would have gone for monochromatic. The detail really pops out. Another fantastic paint job.

  2. Thanks for the kind comments. I very nearly went for the black skinned option, but I have an on-going theme with fire elementals and fire demons in my current dungeon setting, and it seemed a shame to break it. Really pleased with how this turned out - the old Citadel sculpts were (and still are) mostly fantastic.