Sunday, 29 November 2015

Stocking the dungeon: Grenadier Ghouls

One of the on-going projects I have is to paint up miniatures that could be used for "everyday" dungeon trawling - low level creatures such as skeletons, goblins, zombie, rats and the like. Whilst digging through the Lead Mountain I found three Grenadier Ghouls, and decided to see how they'd turn out. The all-too obvious thing to do was to paint them with a base coat of GW Rotting Flesh, but instead I took the decision to spray them with white primer, then wash them with GW with Carroburgh Crimson wash, and then dry brush them with off-pink to suggest recently dead flesh that had just begun to turn. As with all Grenadier figures of the 80s, the dry brushing really brought out the detail, making it easy to pick out things like teeth, nail and bone. The final touch was to give them red eyes, purely to make them look more sinister. I'm very pleased with these - it was a quick and easy paint job, and they make a refreshing change from the usual hordes of grey-green flesh eaters that usually turn up when Ghouls are mentioned.


  1. Nice. I have been trying to get systematic about my painting too, though I have not painted in quite a while -- finish all the kobolds, demons, giants, whatever.
    The Grenadier ghouls are so creepy. The third guy has a cousin in one of the boxed sets, no furs but very similar looking.

  2. Thanks for the kind comments - I have been trying to work through the Lead Mountain, and realised that I needs to work through the vast back catalogue of "everyday" dungeon inhabitants such as goblins and, in this case, ghouls. They are very unusual - more like aliens than the traditional muscled up zombie that a lot of companies now offer as ghouls - and for that reason they could potentially double up as various dungeon nasties at a pinch. Good all rounders, and I like the sculpts anyway!