Saturday, 14 April 2012

Grenadier Dragon Lords Folklore Creatures Of The Night 2014i Ghost

Grenadier miniatures are readily available in the UK via certain auction sites, hence their high representation in the blog so far. This figure was next out of the plastic storage box:
The sculpting of Grenadier figures really improved throughout the 1980's, and I think this is a fantastic figure - compare it with the much more naive Grenadier Djinni posted earlier in the blog.

The figure itself was very simple to paint - undercoat of white, then Games Workshop Rotting Flesh, inks, then highlighting, The base is just some railway gravel from a model railway kit! It's a great figure, and I'm fairly happy with the way its turned out.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Grenadier Fantasy Legends 3107 Troll

Next out of the box was another Grenadier figure; again, when I took it out I wasn't enthused, but it seemed to brush up quite well:
The two main issues I had with this figure were the weapon, which looked a bit flimsy for such a menacing creature, and the original metal base. I don't know what it was with Grenadier, but some of their figures - like this one, and the Talos figure I painted earlier - had monstrously thick bases, almost the thickness of a 2p coin! In the end I disguised it beneath a layer of Milliput, and then added sand/gravel on the top. Due to the shape of the original Grenadier base, I eventually ended up gluing it to a 45mm plastic cavalry base, but once on it the figure looked a bit lost! To try and fill in the spaces I added the boulder on the left hand side, which was a pebble from the garden, whilst the pile of skulls on the right was an unidentified metal casting that was acquired as part of a job lot from a certain auction site. I think it makes a splendid trophy pile for the fellow!

I tried a slightly different painting technique with this fellow - standard base colours, then a wash of Games Workshop Devlan Mud, then highlighting. The Devlan Mud gives him the grimy look I wanted to achieve. The pile of skulls were base coated white, then given a couple of washes of Games Workshop Scorched Brown, then highlights of white/cream. On the whole, quite pleased with this figure!