Friday, 10 June 2016

Asgard Fantasy Monsters FM24v2 The Silent Shambler take 2

A bit of gap in  posts due to me being away, and also heavy rainfall preventing me from varnishing - so expect a number of posts in the near future as I catch-up with completed figures. Next out of the Lead Mountain was this fine fellow - now, I've already painted another one of them here, and whilst I was happy with the paint job I always thought it would have been good to use the figure as a Lurker in my Woodland beings HOTT army - so that dictated the paint job. This time I used a very light brown, then Army Painter soft tone, and then a very light almost yellow-green for the dry brushing before picking out the eyes and teeth. The base is simple flock, to match the rest of the troops.

I really like this figure - it is one of Asgard's best - and I still think it holds up now, nearly 40 years after it was sculpted!  I just like the strangeness of the pose, and the slightly dim but malevolent expression. Very please with the way it turned out!

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