Saturday, 11 June 2016

Asgard Fantasy Monsters FM72 Female Troll

Q. Where do trolls come from?
A. Reproduction between male and females of the species, of course.

This is another Asgard sculpt, and it is one of the better ones. It is also comparatively rare, both in term of availability and in subject matter - but then, I suppose the demand for female troll figures is limited. The usual rules of painting any Asgard figure apply - keep it simple. I have an on-going theme in my D&D campaign of trolls and ogres having gray skin, so it was a matter of picking our out a contrasting colour for the hair, which is why she ended up as a red head. After that, Army Painter washes, and dry brushing. Simples! I think this is a terrific figure - obviously female, unpleasant to look at, and malevolent. Just look at that expression! I particularly like the hairy chest as well - it's like something found at 2am on a Sunday morning in a side street in Stoke. In my D&D campaign I have a need for a cave dwelling witch, and I think I've just found the figure to represent her...


  1. Yeah, she's really hideous isn't she :O Nice paint job too!

    1. She is is vile :) Really looking forward to the reaction from my players when she hits the table. And thanks for the kind comments!