Saturday, 7 May 2016

Ral Partha Personalities and Things... 01-62 Trill

Next up from the Lead Mountain: a Trill. What the heck is a Trill? It's an interesting figure - as with all Ral Partha figures, it is well sculptured, but it's about twice the size of "normal" Ral Partha human - so I mistakenly assumed that Trills were a humanoid (Neanderthal?) variant, larger than normal humans, coarser, and far more muscular, based in an environment where early Greek/Spartan armour is preferred - so, hot and dry and filled with olive trees. As it is, a check of the Chaos Wars rulebook puts the Trills firmly amongst the powers of Darkness - I am guessing that it is simply a play on the word "troll"? Anyhow, the pose and the armour swung it for me - this Trill was going to painted up in the style of a Spartan. THIS IS TRILLLLLLL... It was a lovely figure to paint - simple base colours, then a wash of soft tone Army Painter, and then a simple matter of picking out the white on the loin cloth. I like the figure a lot, and can see it getting some table top time as either a champion for one of my Greek/Spartan skirmish games, or else as a minion for a Titan or a Storm giant in D&D. It really serves as a reminder of how good Ral Partha were before they went under.

Speaking of which... the good folks at Iron Wind Metals are busy trying to resurrect some of the Ral Partha sculpts in conjunction with their Chaos Wars game:

The new Chaos Wars KickStarter is now live!
Here is the link:
Together, we got the Chaos Wars successfully launched, which was no small task.

Well worth a look!

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