Saturday, 2 April 2016

Minifigs Valley Of The Four Winds VFW24 Tree with arms and face

And from Grenadier, to Minifigs, who were one of the earliest manufacturers of fantasy figures in the UK. As a consequence a lot of their sculpts are very basic, and whilst they sold well at first, they soon lost ground to Ral Partha, Citadel and Grenadier. The VFW range of figures was produced to supplement the Games Workshop game of the same name, and whilst a lot of the smaller figures are very basic, the larger ones - like this tree - look well detailed. To be honest, when this figure was extracted from the Lead Mountain, my immediate thought was that it would be ideal as an Ent or Treeman for a Fae/Sylvian Horde Of The Things army I am building, so it was painted with that in mind. The actual paint job was really simple - base coat of dark gray, then a dark Army Painter wash, then dry brushing with light gray and silver to bring out the details. Simples! The final touches were to use PVA glue on the base and on some of the upper branches to suggest moss and/or leaves, and I think that really worked well. Very pleased with the result from this one!


  1. Great work on a classic figure from my favourite range of all time. BTW, the game Valley of the Four Winds (as well as the story serialised in White Dwarf) was based on the figure range which came first...which seems odd but there you go.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments - and no, I didn't know that the figure came first! You live and learn... I have some of the other larger figures from VFW, and I hope to paint them up soon.

    2. Great, I'll be looking forward to seeing them. I would love one day to play the game with units of figures.