Sunday, 13 September 2015

Ral Partha Personalities and Things... 01-045 Earth Demon (Elemental)

Sticking with Ral Partha, this was next out of the Lead Mountain. Again, the quality of the sculpting is excellent, especially when you compare it to other manufacturers from the same period - although one has to raise an eyebrow at the anatomical correctness of the figure. And with that out, out with the brushes (so to speak). This was really easy to paint - gray primer, black wash, and then dry brushing with light grays, which really brought out the quality of the sculpting. The base is just Milliput with some GW sand glued on, and then paint gray. Simples!

This is a terrific figure - as most of the early Ral Partha's are - and I can see this getting a lot of tabletop time.


  1. Nice figure, well presented. Citadel had a fair crack at anatomical (ahem) correctness to. Here's my Citadel FTT6 Troll Discipline Master With Whip, from 1981. Most definitely NSFW.

    1. Thanks for the kinds comments! And yes... about the troll... ummm... ooer missus :)