Sunday, 13 September 2015

Unknown Greek Centaur

And a bonus post, along with a request for help. I'm also painting up a 25mm army for HOTT based on Greek fantasy, and one of the figures I'm using is this fabulous looking Greek centaur. The only trouble is - who is the manufacturer? It's not a slotta - the figure is based - but there is no manufacturers mark to ID it. Any ideas, anyone?

The figure came from a certain auction site, but weaponless - so he is using a plastic spear acquired from Wargames Foundry Amazons. The shield is an integral part of the figure. Quality of the sculpt is good, nice and crisp, and the style suggest late Grenadier - possibly Mark Copplestone? It was a pleasure to paint - simple base colours (I used gold to suggest polished bronze), then a wash of Army Painter Soft Tone, followed by dry brushing and use of white to pick out the clothing. The base is just standard flock glued on.

Really pleased with this figure - it fits in well with the rest of the Greek Fantasy units - but if anyone can ID him, I'd be really grateful.

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