Monday, 31 August 2015

Ral Partha Personalities and Things 01-69a Djinn

I like Ral Partha sculpts, especially the larger creatures - quality of sculpting and level of detail was light years ahead of the competition in the late 70s and early 80's. If I had a minor quibble it was that their smaller figures (e.g. the adventurers) always looked a bit too small, especially when placed against their contemporaries from Citadel and Grenadier. This figure is a great example of a larger RP figure - stylish, good detail, great pose - what's not to like? Well, now that you mention it - it is prone to falling over, so the first thing was to attach it to a plastic base to give some stability. After that, on with the paint job. Good quality sculpting = easy paint job - base colours, GW washes, and then highlighting, especially for the white areas on the figure. The base is just cotton wool to try and give the impression of the djinn appearing in a cloud of smoke.

I like this figure a lot - unfortunately I can't see it getting a lot of tabletop time, purely because the D&D campaign I run has a definite Nordic/British Dark Ages slant, and the figure is definitely Arabic in appearance. Might need some lateral thinking to bring him in to the campaign...


  1. A classic model and I love the base! I wonder what you think of Iron Winds' recent Chaos Wars KS and resurrection of some of the old Ral Partha miniature lines? I'm certain to pick up a pack of the Greater Troglodytes when they become available.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I'm really pleased that Iron Winds are bringing some of the old RP lines back into production - they were great in the day (especially the Elves), and I think they'll still hold up really well now. It's just a shame that they've focused on the smaller army figures, but I guess that is where the money is - they can sell 40-50 Elves or Goblins as opposed to one Djinn!

  3. Beautiful. I like the cottonball smoke too. Blue jinn might call up images of the Disney character but IIRC the were made of a smokelss blue flame in folklore.

    I had mine painted in flesh tones (used him as a half-ogre, BITD) but he's among the figures I need to repaint. I might go with red though as an afreet.

    1. I so nearly went for the flesh toned approach but the lure of Robin Williams in "Aladdin" was too strong to resist... :)