Thursday, 25 October 2012

Grenadier Fantasy Lords 500 Series 504 Pet Dragon

First up out of the lead mountain for the new painting technique was this beastie from mid-80's Grenadier:
The paint job was a base coat of black, then a highlighting coat of sand primer, then another highlighting coat of white primer. I have to be honest and say that I didn't care for the effect that the sand primer gave, and in future I'll just stick to a base black coat plus white primer for highlights. After that - base colours of red and yellow, and then lots of washes followed by highlighting.

As with many Grenadier sculpts of the era, it is a slightly strange figure - obviously aimed at the role-playing contingent, as it is a "Pet Dragon", presumably for a sinister necromancer who wanted something more exotic than a chihuahua or a white cat ("I've been expecting you, Mister... Conan...?"). As such it could probably be regarded more as dungeon dressing, though I can imagine it getting a limited amount of play use for selected scenarios where you absolutely need a pet dragon. No wings on the sculpt - is it really a dragon? - and I do like the pot belly on it... it suggests it is a very well fed creature ;)

On the whole, quite pleased with the way the first figure using the new technique turned out - it's slightly "grubbier" than my usual paint jobs, especially on the yellows, which is always a sod of a colour to paint  anyhow - but on the other hand it does have greater depth in shading. Definitely something I will experiment with on future figures!

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  1. I like it, it has a charm to it, it's clearly a well loved pet......