Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Asgard Fantasy Monsters FM92 Mounted Knight Of Chaos

Next from the lead mountain was an old Asgard figure from the early 80's, although I vaguely remember getting mine in recent years from Viking Forge  (http://vikingforge.datasquire.net/). As with a lot of the Asgard figures, it is very coarsely sculptured, especially when compared to equivalent figures of the era from Ral Partha and Grenadier:
The paint scheme was fairly simple - predominantly red, green and silver, then lots of washes and highlighting - and the base is just simple flock. As with so many figures from the Asgard range, it is weirdly out of proportion - the head of the Knight is far too big for the rest of the figure, and the entire Knight figure itself looks far too big for the horse! It's difficult to see who would have bought this particular figure - it's not really suitable for role play, and there were far better Chaos cavalry sculpts from Citadel/Games Workshop at the time. Combine that with the coarse sculpting and you can see why it wasn't a huge seller. The paint job didn't turn out quite how I wanted, either - in hindsight I should have perhaps gone for a darker, dingier effect. There is an accompanying  Knight of Chaos on foot figure, so I'll try that style with that figure next.

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