Friday, 14 February 2014

Little Horrors: Alternative Armies Zombie, Grenadier Mummy, Citadel Aerial Servant

It’s been a while since I last posted; a combination of work and decorating has effectively kept me again from the lead mountain. Still, I’ve managed to put in some work on a couple of minor nuggets:

The zombie is from the Alternative Armies Very Nasty Things: The Risen Dead range. I like Alternative Army sculpts; they are the nearest I’ve seen in style to the old Citadel sculpts, with just the right mix of genuine unpleasantness edged with comedy. Just look at the skull exposed under the rotting skin! It was a pleasure to paint as well – GW putrid flesh, standard colours for the clothing, then Army Painter wash and highlighting. Simples!

In the centre, a John Dennett sculpt from the Grenadier 1506 Monster Manuscript Vol.VIMM53 range. To be honest, I’m not fan of the figure; whilst it is well done, the Grenadier figures from this period always seemed a bit fragile and just a bit too small… maybe it is a Halfling Mummy! Again, simple to paint up – white for the bandages, leather for the exposed skin, and a sand colour for the pillar, followed by the usual Army Painter wash and highlights. The end product is OK, but I can’t see it getting much table time.

And finally, on the right – the Aerial Servant from the Citadel Weird Fantasy range. This was actually a damaged figure from a job lot – the base had been snapped off and was missing. The stone slabs on the base are made from Milliput, and serve as an anchor for the figure – it is still top heavy, so under the base are some lead weights from a fishing bag to hold it down. The figure itself was very simple to paint – dark gray, then lots and lots of drybrushing with white, with the red cloth done afterwards. It’s a bit of coarse, but it also has a lot of charm and humour sadly missing from a lot of today’s figures.

Quite pleased with the way these turned out!


  1. Thank you for your kind comment!

  2. I like the aerial servant a lot : on my wish list but it rarely pops on eBay. Alternative army is a nice manufacturer, i ordered a while a go a few 15 mm Kevin Adams goblins :-)

  3. Me too - I was really pleased to find the Aerial Servant when I received the job lot. And I really rate AA sculpts - I have others from the same series which I hope to paint up in the near future...

  4. funny, I like the small mummy girl, which is what I imagine it to be a former princess cruelly killed before her time, come back to reck havoc upon her killer's descendants.

    see how a good miniature can tell it's own story.