Friday, 24 January 2014

Asgard Fantasy Monsters FM68 Necromorph

And staying with the theme of Undead... the next exhibit for the Menagerie is this unpleasant looking fellow – a Necromorph, or as everyone refers to him… a Lich. Goodness knows why Asgard didn’t call it a Lich and have done with it – Lich is a perfectly good old English word, so I can’t imagine it would have been an issue with copyright – perhaps someone just liked the word NECROMORPH. It didn’t catch on though. 

The figure was simple to paint; GW Rotting Flesh for the skin, then suitably sombre colours for the clothing, then a wash of Army Painters Dark Tone and then dry brushing.  The base is just model railway gravel, whilst the ‘mist’ around the base is simply strands of cotton wool.

I think this is a splendid figure for its time – it would definitely have a place as the default Undead Sorcerer in many D&D scenarios – but to be honest, as with so many of the Asgard figures, it does look very coarse compared to many of today’s sculpts. In all likelihood it will be degraded from the status of Undead Sorcerer to Undead minion leader. Correction: Undead NECROMORPH minion leader:)

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  1. don't like it, the outstreched arm looks too long and the legs look far to skinney compared to the top... which of course as you have mentioned a number of times, was a problem with Asgard's range.....