Saturday, 1 June 2013

Grenadier Dragon Lords Fantasy Box Set 5002 Monsters - Slime A plus Citadel Runequest Demon Amorph

Two rather peculiar figures next. The one on the left is a Grenadier sculpt, depicting a natural hazard much beloved of Dungeon Masters everywhere - a green slime - whilst the one on the right has been kindly identified by Joe Thomlinson as a Citadel Runequest Demon Amorph:
The green slime is a splendid sculpt - rearing up to strike at an unwary adventurer - and was very simple to paint, just a base coat of green, green and brown ink washes and highlighting. The rest of the base was coated with PVA glue and then inked up accordingly. I deliberately used a gloss varnish on this sculpt to emphasise the sliminess, and it looks a treat - unfortunately, it makes it very difficult to get a decent picture, and to be honest I don't think the picture I've posted does it justice.

As for the Runequest demon... I found it in the lead mountain next to the green slime, so at some time I obviously thought they should go together. Again, very easy to paint - a base coat of pink, then red ink wash, then highlighting, then a matter of picking out the various eyes, teeth and lips on whatever it is. The rest of the base was coated with PVA glue and then inked up accordingly, and it came out with a suitably unpleasant look as if it is resting on a thin sheen of blood (!). Originally I used a gloss varnish but somehow it didn't look right, so a top layer of dullcote was applied for the final result.

Very pleased with both of these - easy to paint, good final result - and I can see both of them getting a significant amount of play time!


  1. Your pink mystery blob is an 'Amorph' from the old Citadel Runequest Demons boxed set.


  2. Hi Joe, fantastic - well spotted Sir!

  3. such nice simple models, with a well excuted paint job, welld done.