Saturday, 18 May 2013

Grenadier Fantasy Legends 3107 Troll (2 of 2)

And next up - another Julie Guthrie troll from Grenadier. This was originally part of a two figure set; I did the first figure here. At the time I didn't realise that the two figures were a combo, otherwise I might have painted them together. As it is, they get separate billing. 
I've gone for more of a gray-skinned LOTR/The Hobbit feel for this one - in addition, this chappie might end up as part of a Winter Orc army, which uses whites and grays as the default colour scheme. The figure was actually quite easy to paint; a gray base coat, then an ink wash, then highlighting, then the slightly tedious matter of picking out the unpleasant red blemishes on the skin. The base is just stones and sticks from the garden under a flock coating, and then an ink wash on top of that.

It's a nice sculpt, as are most of Julie Guthrie's figures - it certainly looks unpleasant enough - but somehow I'm not enthused about it. The figure seems oddly stiff, and to my mind it lacks an air of menace. Still, I am quite sure he won't look out of place amongst the Orcish hordes!

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