Sunday, 23 September 2012

Grenadier Fantasy Lords 1st Series 124 Dwarf Hydra

I haven't posted for a while - a combination of holidays and a new job have taken up a lot of painting time - but I've finally picked up the brushes again. Out of the box this time was a splendid but rather strange creature from the Grenadier Fantasy Lords 1st series: 
It's a strange figure in lots of ways - for starters, it is long, almost the length of two 45mm Games Workshop cavalry bases. In fact, that's what the base is, two plastic 45mm bases glued together and filled in with Milliput! After doing this there was a gap on the base at the front of the figure,  hence the addition of a couple of plastic skulls. Another thing that's not visible from the picture is that it is a very lopside figure - it originally came in two parts, and the necks+heads on the left hand side had to be attached to the main body, giving the impression it might just be ready to topple over.

The figure was fairly simply to paint - green base, then a green wash, then multiple highlights. The yellow scales were the worst bit; they had to be picked out and then highlighted without touching the green scales of the main figure. The base is just gray gravel from a model railway set! 
I'm quite pleased with the way the figure turned out, though I am still puzzled as to why it is a Dwarf Hydra. Does this mean that Grenadier meant to produce a bigger, "normal sized" Hydra? Or that the figure only attacks Dwarves? We shall never know...

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  1. that is a strange dilema indeed, your paint job on it looks great.