Thursday, 16 August 2012

Grenadier Fantasy Lords 2nd Series 047 Winged Warriors (3 of 3)

An earlier posting showed one of the Winged Folk from the Fantasy Lords 1st Series; I knew that there were different versions of the same figures for the 2nd series, and lo and behold they turned up on a certain auction site:

The main difference between the sets are the weapons carried:

1st Series: sword+net, bow, bolas
2nd series: sword (no net), crossbow, net

I'm quite pleased with the way these figures painted up; as they part of the same set I used a consistent colour scheme, mostly Games Workshop paints and washes. I'm still on the lookout for the swordsman+net and the bolas thrower from the 1st Series set, so I'll keep looking!

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  1. the arm on the 2nd one looks so wrong, funny enough, I like the 1st one best of all.