Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Grenadier Dragon Lords Fantasy Boxed Set 2009 Wizard's Chamber - Wizard

And still staying with Grenadier... next out of the box were a couple of components from a boxed set. Unfortunately I don't have all of the pieces - the fate of so many box sets from the 80's - but I do have the the two main pieces, the Wizard and the Cauldron Spirit. First up was the Wizard figure:
I was quite pleased with the way the figure painted up, although in hindsight I wished I'd used a red rather than burgundy for the robe. The floor tiles on the base are just Milliput, painted up grey. The figure itself is typical of Grenadier of the early 80's; quite coarse, and with real sculpting issues - just look at the hands, especially the one cradling the crystal ball! The proportions look wrong as well - that raised arm looks far too long for the rest of the figure, especially the legs. Perhaps what we have is the original Wizard Librarian from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, just before he mutates into an orangutan! Next up will be the Cauldron Spirit, and I'll also take a picture of the two figures together.

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