Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Grenadier Julie Guthrie's Personalities 880 Wraith

Staying with Grenadier, the next figure out of the box was this wraith:
Initially I wasn't enthused; it seemed quite a dull figure, and unpainted the eyes looked like two clumsy pins stuck inside the hood. It was only when I started painting that it came to life (a bit ironic for one of the undead). This was an easy paint job; dark gray base coat, then a Devlan mud wash, then several highlighting coats before painting the eye stalks a vivid red.

The mist at the base of the figure is simply cotton wool, held in place with DullCote varnish, and I think it works pretty well! One thing struck me about this figure whilst painting it; it is small, especially when placed next to other figures from the same range. I puzzled over this for a while, before reaching the conclusion that it was deliberate, and that the figure is supposed to represent a female spirit - possibly an elf? That would explain the small stature and slenderness, and also some of the curves amongst the gray folds! It's a strange, slightly eerie figure, and I've very pleased with the way it turned out.

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  1. now that is a nice simple figure, cleverly jazzed up, well done.....