Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Grenadier Fantasy Legends 3107 Troll

Next out of the box was another Grenadier figure; again, when I took it out I wasn't enthused, but it seemed to brush up quite well:
The two main issues I had with this figure were the weapon, which looked a bit flimsy for such a menacing creature, and the original metal base. I don't know what it was with Grenadier, but some of their figures - like this one, and the Talos figure I painted earlier - had monstrously thick bases, almost the thickness of a 2p coin! In the end I disguised it beneath a layer of Milliput, and then added sand/gravel on the top. Due to the shape of the original Grenadier base, I eventually ended up gluing it to a 45mm plastic cavalry base, but once on it the figure looked a bit lost! To try and fill in the spaces I added the boulder on the left hand side, which was a pebble from the garden, whilst the pile of skulls on the right was an unidentified metal casting that was acquired as part of a job lot from a certain auction site. I think it makes a splendid trophy pile for the fellow!

I tried a slightly different painting technique with this fellow - standard base colours, then a wash of Games Workshop Devlan Mud, then highlighting. The Devlan Mud gives him the grimy look I wanted to achieve. The pile of skulls were base coated white, then given a couple of washes of Games Workshop Scorched Brown, then highlights of white/cream. On the whole, quite pleased with this figure!

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  1. funny you used GW paint's on that pile of skulls, I'm pretty certain that was the Pile of Skulls from the original Screaming Skull Chucker, which I owned back in the day, and was a fool to get rid of grrr.....