Saturday, 14 April 2012

Grenadier Dragon Lords Folklore Creatures Of The Night 2014i Ghost

Grenadier miniatures are readily available in the UK via certain auction sites, hence their high representation in the blog so far. This figure was next out of the plastic storage box:
The sculpting of Grenadier figures really improved throughout the 1980's, and I think this is a fantastic figure - compare it with the much more naive Grenadier Djinni posted earlier in the blog.

The figure itself was very simple to paint - undercoat of white, then Games Workshop Rotting Flesh, inks, then highlighting, The base is just some railway gravel from a model railway kit! It's a great figure, and I'm fairly happy with the way its turned out.

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  1. that figure looks interesting, but it seems like it could bend or break very easy, for me though, it's the skull like face which makes me like this figure, I'll have to chase one up....