Thursday, 16 July 2015

Citadel Fantasy Tribes Trolls FTT8 Troll Brat hurling rocks

Just a quick update of the latest nugget extracted from the Lead Mountain. Citadel did some excellent figures in their pre-slotta days - they simply ooze quality - so when this figure turned up I was really pleased to take the brushes to it. It was a really simple figure to paint as well - base colours of flesh and brown for the fur kilt, and then orange for the hair, purely because I thought the figure reminded me of idiot son from the Dick Emery show, only more violent. Washes and high lighting brought up the detail a treat, whilst the base is just small bits of Milliput painted gray and then dark washed to mimic what he is throwing.

I really like this figure - just look at that expression of dumb malevolence! If this is a teenage hill troll, I can't begin to imagine what the grown-ups are like. I can this one getting a lot of table top time, either as a generic hill giant/troll, or else as a recurring NPC.

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