Saturday, 21 June 2014

Citadel Advanced Dungeons and Dragons C34 Water Elemental

What’s this? A DOUBLE posting?!?! Well, seeing as the weather is good, I’ve taken the opportunity to varnish up as many figures as I can.

This was the next figure to be extracted from the Lead Mountain. I think this is a fantastic figure – fabulous sculpting, lots of detail, with a great pose. It really makes you realise how good some of the early Citadel stuff was. The hardest thing was building up the base so that it seemed like the figure was emerging from a pool of water – this was just white Milliput built up into waves.

The paint job was really easy – light blue base colour, then blue ink, then lots and lots of dry brushing in varying shades of blue, eventually ending up with white for the foam on top of  the elemental’s head and back. Simples! I usually give my figures a final spray of Dullcote, but I kept a satin varnish finish on this one, and I really think it helps give an impression of water.

Again, very pleased with the way this one turned out, and I can see it getting a bit of table top action – more than the Naga Spirit any how!


  1. Hi there ! Nice Citadel Elemental from 1984. They are rather expensive when they pop on eBay, now. I hope you will be able to paint the others, it is a nice set. What is funny is that i made bases for the same set while you were probably painting yours. As usual, nice blog to read, keep on the good work :-)

  2. Thanks again! I'm hopeful of picking up the matching Fire Elemental, but as you say they tend to get a bit pricey. I'd love to see the bases of your figures once you've done them!

  3. Great blog! I'm really enjoying a stroll down memory lane with your painted miniatures. I even have some of the ones you've painted! Thanks, blessings and happy painting!

  4. Thanks for the kind comments - I think its good to paint up some of the older miniatures, as they hold up really well :)

  5. that Citadel Fire Elemental look amazing, I really like the paint scheme and I can't tell where the base of the figure starts or ends, which means your added sculpting really paid off!