Saturday, 5 April 2014

Reaper Dungeon Dwellers 1246 Troll

Next out of the lead mountain was this sculpt from Reaper. I was NOT enthused; the figure seemed very clumsy, with little or no detail, and the pose seems very static. It looked and felt more like a toy figure rather than a fantasy miniature. Still, we must do what we can.

The first job was trimming away an inordinate amount of flash lines from the mould; this included drilling out a brand new eye socket where the original casting hadn’t been successful! After that, a coat of primer, followed by more trimming… it was a long job to be honest.

The paint job was comparatively simple; GW putrid flesh for the skin, then standard browns and leather for the fur loin cloth and belt/bag. Picking out the skull dangling from the figure’s hip showed just how coarse the sculpting was! After that, just a matter of picking out any spots/boils/veins in red, followed by a wash of Army painters Dark Tone, and then highlighting. The base is simply flock plus some stones and bark from the garden.

To be honest I’m not happy with either the figure or the paint job – as a sculpt it is just too clumsy and toy-like to see much table top time, and whilst I’d picked what I thought were suitable colours for a troll, I suspect the figure might have turned out better if I’d used brighter colours. This one may get moved on fairly quickly via a certain auction site…


  1. I think it looks awesome!!! I would buy it in a heart beat :)

  2. Hi Dwayne, thanks for the kind comments - it's probably going to end up on e-bay in the near future to be honest. Keep your eyes peeled ;)