Sunday, 10 March 2013

Asgard Fantasy Monsters FM27v2 Half Troll Chieftain

Asgard were one of the first manufacturers of fantasy figures, and as a consequence the quality of their sculpts varies from the dreadful to the excellent. The next figure to be extracted from the lead mountain leans more towards the better side of their sculpting, IMHO:
As with the majority of Asgard figures from the Fantasy Monsters (FM) range, you get a lot of figure for your money - however, that doesn't always mean you get detail in the sculpt, but this is one that I think they got nearly spot on. It was a pleasure to paint; mostly Citadel paints, and then a wash of The Army Painter Dark Tone Ink, followed by highlighting. 

You could argue that the figure falls foul of a common complaint about Asgard figures - the legs  look a little too short and thin, and the haft of the axe is way too thin for the figure to be used in RPG play on a regular basis before it would snap off - but on the whole I think it's a great figure. Very pleased with the way this turned out!


  1. I remember seeing this guy back in the day at my local hobby store, wish I picked him up now but back then my allowance didnt allow for alot of minis(thank God for ebay). Exellent job!

  2. I know, half of the figures I'm collecting+painted up now are one I coveted back in the 80's... thanks for your kind words on the paint job!

  3. never seen him before at all, you've done well at painting him up, he'd make a very characterful unit champion