Sunday, 27 January 2013

Grenadier Monster Manuscripts Vol 1 1501 MM8 Borer Serpent

The next nugget to be unearthed from the lead mountain was yet another Grenadier sculpt (they were the largest distributor of figures in the 1980's):
As with all of the later Grenadier sculpts, it is beautifully detailed and has an interesting pose - it looks as if it has just caught the scent of its next victim!

An easy figure to paint, too - base coats of red and yellow, then ink washes and finally dry brushing to finish. I put it on a 45mm base to be consistent with the rest of my mini's, but that left the ends of the base a bit bare - hence the skull and bones, which are just spare bits from a plastic skeleton.

Pleased with the way this one turned out!


  1. I love Grenadier miniatures and miss John Dennett's work. To this day his sculpts stand above many of the current release from other manufactures. Great job bringing this piece to life:)

  2. now he's nice, I'd like a small force of different sculpts of him, your paint job helps with that decission :)