Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Essex Fantasy Monsters FAN2 Ogre

Next up is a very early pre-slotta figure from the 1980's by Essex - I think they're still making figures, but not in the fantasy range:

The figure is quite coarse compared to today's figures - sculpting has come a long way in 30 years! - and the proportions aren't quite right, especially the legs which are far too short and spindly for the rest of the figure. I think there is a very naive quality about it though - it wouldn't look out of place as an illustration from the original Dungeons And Dragons books (1st or 2nd edition :)).

The skulls on the base are taken from plastic Games Workshop skeletons, and were added to try and give a sense of scale. 

The thing with this figure is that it doesn't actually look that monsterous or threatening... it looks like a slightly bemused caveman, or the illegitimate love child of Harry H Corbett and Noel Gallagher. Actually, now that IS a scary thought...

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