Friday 29 November 2013

Asgard Fantasy Monsters FM30v2 Half Troll with sword

Wow... is it really a month since my last post? I originally set myself a target of posting at least twice each month, but a combination of work and other commitments meant that it just hasn't happened. As it is... I've just managed to sneak one in under the wire before December.

This chappie was next to be extracted from the lead mountain, and is the brother to this which I painted earlier in the year. I took pretty much the same approach with the paint job - Citadel paints, washes and highlighting, whilst the base is  a small stone from the garden, some flock from a railway basing set and strands of stick for the reeds. 


As with his brother with the hammer, it's a very appealing figure - probably the last thing you'd want a weary group of adventurers to see rushing towards them! I also believe it is comparatively rare - I've only seen one other instance of it on e-bay, although I understand you can get recasts from Viking Forge. Well worth the investment if you can find them!