Friday 16 March 2012

Grenadier Dragon Lords 2027 Encounter At Crimson Citadel Well Spirit

This figure came as part of a job lot - unfortunately the rest of the figures from the box set weren't included:
Like many of the early Grenadier figures, it's slightly naive - but I think that just adds to its appeal. It's well sculpted, and has lots of movement - you can just imagine it seeping out of an underground well to startle the unwary adventurer!

The spirit was simple to paint; blue undercoat, ink wash, and then gradual highlights. The bricking of the well was done in the same way but with blacks and grays. Pleased with this one!

Saturday 3 March 2012

Grenadier Fantasy Lords series 1 120 Winged Folk (2 of 3)

These two fellows came as part of a job lot that I acquired from a well known auction site:

I'm very pleased with the way he's painted up; the figure is well detailed, even if the posture is a little stiff. The outfits are vaguely reminiscent of the Hawkmen in the dreadful 1980's "Flash Gordon" film, although fortunately the figure doesn't have the bulk of Brian Blessed, who played the leader of the Hawkmen... how did the producers ever expect anyone to believe that something THAT size could ever take flight! 

There are two other figures in this set - a swordsman and a bolas thrower - but unfortunately I don't have them yet. Back to the auction site...